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Cody Gilmore MX Training started nearly 15 years ago when Cody started doing motocross schools for his local dealership sponsor and it's customers.  Cody has been racing on the Professional Supercross and Motocross circuit for 15 years and has been riding for close to 25 years!  With a past Loretta Lynn's Championship and having earned an AMA Pro Number along with many 450 Supercross Main Events, he has the credentials and experiences to help you get to where you want to be in this sport!

CGMXT has worked with many professionals along with some of the midwest's top racers, including but not limited to: Pros- Blake Wharton, John Short, Deven Raper, Preston Taylor, Mitchell Gifford. Amateurs- Diesel Thomas, Evan Payer, Zane Urek, Blake Hoag, Dylan Payer, Cash Peterson, Alex Vestal & many more!

New for 2018 Cody became a USMCA Certified Coach.  This organization is put together by many of the leading influencers, companies and brands in the motorcycle community.  In addition to this, CGMXT became:

  • American Heart Association First Aid/CPR AED Certified

  • Safesport Pro ConcussionWise, HeatWise, CardiacWise Certified


 My coaching philosophy focuses on a few main points and how I achieve these points.   

1. Safety - Safety for the rider and safety for other riders surrounding them and sharing the track with them.   

2. Having fun - How do we make riding enjoyable for the rider and their family, while still having fun and focusing on a competitive and winning attitude.  

My focus and vision are to build a strong foundation for the rider.  Where they see the importance and value of skill and technique development and also sportsmanship.  By explaining and coaching to the rider and their parents these values and how we achieve them, they will better understand that winning and results will follow closely after. 

It's my job to make every rider feel equally important, from beginner to pro and that I give the same effort for a rider of any age and skill level. I expect the same effort and respect back as a coach and mentor.  We can reach a mutual agreement of success and understanding by following these keys, by always giving each other our best effort and respect.  

Communication is key and I'll do my best to be clear and allow myself to be easily understood.  Along with making myself accessible and easy to come to, for the riders and/or parents.   

Lastly, by surrounding myself with positive influencers and coaches in the past.  I'll continue to do so along with always trying to better understand the sport and riders to further educate myself and adapt to new lessons, technique's and safety measures.